General Information

These sculptures are offered for private
art collectors. This project allows you to participate in
one of the most fascinating developments of
modern art.

Each sculpture is a unique, handmade artwork
with a different, naturally oxidized surface. The
series are limited. The sculptures are signed with
the artist's name, the year of creation,
their number and the title.

Please use this works of art appropriate and adequate.
Please keep them away from young children!
Use them only for decoration! The sculptures
are made of metal. Some furniture surfaces
could be scratched by misapplication.
If necessary use a base plate. Please clean them
only with water and a soft sponge.

All rights, particularly the reproduction, graphic and
photographic representation, any kind of exhibition
and publication are at the artist. In that case you need
the special agreement of JOERG SAILE himself.
Location of the sculptures is Germany, Berlin.

You are receiving this works of art free of shipping costs.
If you are not happy with a sculpture, you are
entitled to send it back within 14 days after delivery.
You get your money back immediately under deducting of
4% forwarding expenses.

Enjoy your new sculpture!

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